New Arrival!

A new visitor has come to the 5th World! Scott Cameron has taken up residence as our new Lead Programmer. Scott has worked in the Games Industry since 2003, and has worked as a project manager on a range of game titles deployed across Xbox360 Live Arcade, iPhone, Sony PSP and Nintendo DS platforms.

Field Test

A 5th World expedition has been sent to China to test the effectiveness of “The Magic Glasses”, the educational film produced in conjunction with QIMR. Initial responses to the cartoon have been highly positive!

Lights, Camera, Action!

Sunset Studio: Behind the Scenes, the next generation 3D hidden object game produced by 5th World in partnership with GameHouse and Halfbrick Studios has now been released and can be played and purchased here:

Game Over!

Today news reached the 5th World that our latest game has been signed off by the publisher! Keep watch for more announcements regarding the release date!

An Open Can of Worms!

Pre-production work has wrapped up on our educational animation being produced in partnership with QIMR. Now the office is overrun with animated worms! Blech!

New Addition!

Andrew Bedford has come aboard to lead up the team and development of 5th World and QIMR’s educational cartoon for intestinal worm prevention in China. He comes to us from being a Lead Animator at The Creative Assembly.


5th World Media has recently entered into a partnership with the Queensland Institute of Medical Research to produce an educational cartoon and DVD to be shown throughout China, instructing children on good hygiene and the prevention of the spread of intestinal worms and the risks of re-infection.

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