5th World Media is an integrated media company specialising in the production of video games and animated television from its offices in Brisbane, Australia. By engaging its audience through social media, 5th World offers a unique and innovative approach to design whereby the consumer helps inform product development.

5th World’s highly experienced staff utilise an in-house design methodology which encourages creativity and out-of-the-box thinking. Staff actively engage in an inclusive, ego-free environment to ensure the creation of high quality, innovative products with a focus on mass market penetration.

Properties developed by 5th World Media are intended for cross-media platforms and deliver the audience a truly immersive experience. By integrating social media and technological innovations, 5th World not only bridges mediums, it creates new worlds to play in.

5th World Media is comprised of an experienced and adaptable team also available to act as a third-party developer. For further information about this or employment with the company, please contact us by email:


5th World Media Pty Ltd
Unit 2, Level 1, 190 Kelvin Grove Road
Kelvin Grove, QLD 4059

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